The story of FinnEasy Oy starts with a man and a bull. The man, (Juha) is an engineer, farmer and inventor.

The bull, (Kalle), is a big, powerful Highland Cattle scratching up on himself.

Juha makes a Totem brush for Kalle where he can scrub and brush himself. Kalle uses the brush with all his strength. Scrub and brush all summer and next winter. The brush lasts and Kalle likes it.

Juha decides to make a few more brushes and go to the fair to sell them. The brush is called Totem because it resembles a totem pole. These first Totem brushes are nearly 3 meters long and designed by Juha for outdoor use.
The farmer arrives at the fair, who would be happy to buy a brush, but Totem brush is is too big in his barn. So the farmer asks Can Juha make a brush that is durable, non-electric and can be installed inside the barn.
This is the first EasySwing Maxi brush in the EasySwing product family. Juha will continue to develop and design animal welfare products.
EasySwing products are already sold in more than 20 countries, and Juha’s work with FinnEasy Oy’s team on developing animal welfare products continues.
The EasySwing product family consists of four different cattle brushes, which have attained major popularity.
Reasons for EasySwing’s success include:


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Strong, durable structure
  • Provides excellent stimulus for animals
  • Keeps animals’ hair clean
  • Animals are able to brush the top of their back as well as their sides
  • Durable bristles on the brush
  • No electricity required, low cost of install and usage
  • Beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of animals
  • Attachment kits for many different structures are available
  • Easily cleaned and changed brush discs
  • The brush is easy to position
  • Turns from one side to another mechanically