The EasySwing cattle brushes are designed and developed for independent brushing of animals. EasySwing is a highly durable, safe, reliable, and low-cost cattle brush system. The design is based around animals’ natural behaviour, as well as durability and environmental friendliness of the devices.


The “father” of the EasySwing cattle brush is Juha Kultanen, an agricultural entrepreneur and engineer whose research and development work first resulted in the Totem cattle brush system years ago, which had a fixed frame that was installed into the ground.


The development work continued, and requests and ideas from stockbreeders were incorporated into the design. This marked the birth of the EasySwing cattle brush. Following intense product development and rigorous testing in varying conditions, the result was a durable cattle brush with an articulated frame.

The EasySwing brush has been approved for a patent in Finland, and an international PCT patent application has been sent in.


The EasySwing product family consists of four different cattle brushes, which have attained major popularity.

Reasons for EasySwing’s success include:


  • Safety
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Strong, durable structure
  • Provides excellent stimulus for animals
  • Keeps animals’ hair clean
  • Animals are able to brush the top of their back as well as their sides
  • Durable bristles on the brush
  • No electricity required, low cost of install and usage
  • Beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of animals
  • Attachment kits for many different structures are available
  • Easily cleaned and changed brush discs
  • The brush is easy to position
  • Turns from one side to another mechanically


The Maxi brush is suitable for animals of varying sizes. It has been designed and built to withstand handling by large bulls, but small calves can also use it safely.